Lending Solutions - Products

Credit Solutions - Financial Assets

At IIFL Wealth Finance, we offer competitive credit solutions against financial assets. We offer lending solutions against a range of securities such as listed equity shares, mutual fund units, structured notes, bonds, debentures and more. Our short to medium-term financing solutions are aimed at enhancing liquidity, cash flow efficiency or maximising an investment opportunity. We also providing liquidity to management or senior professionals of large, unlisted companies where an IPO is in the pipeline, typically to consolidate their holdings.

Credit Solutions - Promoter Securities

Aimed at providing liquidity to customers who have concentrated holdings, our credit solutions help support businesses in their growth journeys. By bridging the financing gap, we help promoters focus on what they do best - take advantage of business opportunities. Designed for our entrepreneur clients, our specialized credit solutions offer liquidity without diluting their stake in the business.

Advance for IPO application

IIFL Wealth Finance helps clients access short-term funding to increase their allotment quantum in an IPO. Our advances for IPO applications are also available for debt issues.

Credit Solutions - Real Estate

Our credit solutions help clients unlock value from their fixed investments in real estate to capture accretive investment opportunities. We work with our team of relationship managers to generate the required liquidity needed to enable diversification into financial assets.

ESOP Financing

We understand the value of employee co-ownership. Our financing solutions help our clients implement an employee stock option plan (ESOP) and offer their experienced and valuable employees access to a financing program to acquire vested options at competitive rates. As with all our offerings, this too is a highly customized service tailored for each situation.

Margin Trade Financing

IIFL Wealth Finance offers short-term funding to clients to help clients take appropriately large positions in the equity markets and bridge the gap in liquidity that many investors face when market opportunities are abundant. We help to meet settlement obligations while clients can trade within the limit, in line with their return objectives.

Structured Finance Solutions

We offer custom solutions for special situations to our marquee clients typically to facilitate large leveraged acquisitions backed by a combination of liquid and liquid security.