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Yatin Shah's fitness mantra: Be an early riser, maintain diet and discipline

Yatin Shah, co-founder, and executive director, IIFL Investment Managers, is an early riser. He wakes up at 7 am and drinks two glasses of hot water with honey and lemon. This he feels is a good start to the day. "I believe this helps burn calories and also energises me while I am working out. It enables me to lose further calories during my workout session," Shah says.

Shah has a personal trainer who helps him stay fit but stops it from being routine, thus helping him become more productive. "My workout session is four to five times a week and consists of a blend of weight training, cardio, swimming, cycling and running. It's a one-hour daily workout, which includes cardio, core stability and balance. I also spend one day a week training my core strength," he says.

Shah makes sure that he consumes his dose of caffeine before 12 noon, because it then doesn't interfere with his sleep routine. "My meals during the day consist of three components - nuts, oatmeal protein bars and boiled pulses like chana or moong dal prepared into chaat. I make sure that my dinner ends before 8.30 pm on most days," he says. 

Fitness tips by the top boss:

1. Right workout environment
Choose a workout environment that is conducive to encourage you to go the extra mile. While for some, the gym works best, others can work out better in an open setting. So, it is important to understand what suits you best. 

2. Discipline
Follow a strict discipline towards exercising and making sure that you spend an hour of rigorous workout at least a couple of times a week. To avoid any kind of monotony, make your workout a fun-filled blend of cardio, strength, core stability and balance. 

3. Diet
A good workout is incomplete without a good diet plan. Instead of having less food, consume food frequently, in smaller quantities. It is a smarter option. Ensure you have meals at intervals of every two hours. This will help you to boost your metabolism.

4. Hydration
It is very important to drink sufficient water and keep oneself hydrated especially when you are exercising. As your body heats up while working out, drinking water will regulate the temperature of your body and also lubricate your joints. Ensure that you consume three to four litre of water each day. 

5. Sleep
Finally, sleep plays a pivotal role in the performance of a person who is indulging in physical activities. Your body and mind require rest to restore the energy lost during an exercise. Apart from de-stressing your mind and body, a good seven to eight hours of sleep repairs your body tissues. 


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