Education support to underprivileged students


We have collaborated with Chandrakanta Kantilal Shah Foundation to primarily focus on providing educational support such as scholarships, learning materials such as books to underprivileged students in schools and colleges.


Creating Next-Gen Innovators


We provide support to the Creating Next-Gen Innovators project, via Learning Links Foundation, across 40 schools in and around Mumbai which aims to develop a strong knowledge base among students while enhancing their interest in STEM subjects, encouraging them to pursue higher education in STEM and build skills relevant to the 21st century job work environment.


Improving Early Language Learning


We aim to support students from 124 schools across 3 blocks in Jind district, Haryana through the Learning Outcomes project via Language and Learning Foundation. Our objective is to improve student learning outcomes, promote parent and community engagement in the early grade literacy efforts for children, develop and provide high quality resources, leverage smartphone technology to reach end beneficiaries.


Lifecycle Approach in STEM education


The Learning Outcomes and STEM project via Swami Vivekananda Youth Mission aims to support the government high school students across 10 schools in 2 districts in Karnataka to build their competencies in academic through using technology, non-academic and health among the government school children.