A Pramod Kumar

Senior Managing Partner

Pramod, as Senior Managing Partner, oversees the wealth management function in the Chennai and Coimbatore regions. He brings over three decades of experience in capital markets with specific focus on multi-asset class investment management and Advisory. Pramod joined the team through the acquisition of Wealth Advisors (India).  Pramod co-founded Wealth Advisors (India) in 2004. 

As the CEO, he was responsible for strategy, setting up the core functions, Central Advisory and the Fund Management Team. Pramod and his team successfully established a strong base of clients in the South.  Wealth Advisors India at the time of the merger with IIFL Wealth Management had an AUM of over 1.5 Billion USD assets.

As an entrepreneur at Wealth Advisors, he led two rounds of capital raise, including a management led buyout and the eventual merger. Prior to Wealth Advisors, Pramod was with DSP Merrill Lynch and ICICI Bank.  

Pramod is a lifelong equity investor with keen interests in investing process, building investment models & checklists, technology and macro trends.